Friday, February 28, 2020

and these are always played during the intermission of spooky movie night

the intros of every spooky movie night

went to the book barn in niantic today. the outside had all tiny buidings and nook n crannies filled with used books.
there was even a haunted bookshop! :O (i didn't feel anything)
they had goats! :D
a little gardens all about! (it's the end of a connecticut winter, i'm sure it's much prettier in the summer)
what a surprise when i approached the main building! :D they were so friendly too!!
the little black one followed me around the shop and hung out while i browsed. they had a big art section on the first floor.
another cat! :D and a filthy old loveseat! :D (they also had a coffee area, and a mr. bill at the register. i liked this place)
an end of days section? man i really like this place hahahaha (their other shop downtown had a ghost section and a conspiracy section and an entire row of just books on atlantis! yeah i love their shops)
even a section of holiday books. i didn't even know jerry seinfeld made creepy childrens books.
i took these home. stumbled on these beautiful vintage folk lore books in the mythology section. (yep, they had a folk tale and mythology section!)
took these home too. i lent out my old american gods and never got it back, but today i found an old edition for $1 and i like it even more! and omg, they had old sweet valley twins for a buck each, and they were all ones i read as a kid! sweet valley twins bitch slap the babysitter's club all day everyday don't @ me.
 this weekend i'm going to a train show with my uncle and dad, i use all the scenery materials for my putz houses, i'm pretty excited to see what's available there!!

Thursday, February 27, 2020

learned about the hazel tree today

anybody else sing pop songs to their plants?

I keep the girls on my art cart so I can roll them to wherever the sun shines, they seem happy today 😘

my dream cottage would be a series of interconnected nooks.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Peekaboo 🙈

My mom knows how much I love The Tiny Chef and I got this surprise in the mail! 😆
Ohhhh bluvitsomuch
i fuck so hard with wholesome illustrations like these

phoebe wahl

pheobe wahl

pheobe wahl

paola escobar
paola escobar

paola escobar
valerian leblond

amanda norman

I knew this day would come, but not this quickly...
Scene kids are coming back 🙈

Sunday, February 23, 2020

i can now add another reason why i love Snow Tex!
looks much better than the stitches i was trying to do. phew!
i now have a pretty case for my rock collection! (there are also minerals, crystals, an acorn, lava, petrified wood etc etc in there)(pretty bits from the earth)(please ignore the big pile of embroidery supplies under my window, i try to organize my embroidery stuff but each new piece creates a new big mess!)
i would very much like to add labradorite, moldavite, and bismuth next :)