Monday, March 30, 2020

Free Embroidery Pattern!

original drawing

digitized by my friend :)

here's how it looks when printed, in its original size :)

My friend (@garracula on instagram) was nice enough to generously offer his professional skills and turn this drawing of mine into a digital pdf!
So this was originally intended to be a free embroidery pattern, but you could also print and color it in too :)
I'm going to stitch this design myself, and will attempt my very first tutorial on doing a wicker basket this coming week(just need to figure out how haha).
so here's the link to the pdf!

free embroidery pattern!

So there are a few ways to transfer the design to fabric.
-open the pdf , tape your fabric to the computer screen, and use it as a lightbox to trace the design
-print it onto iron-on paper, then iron onto fabric(really only helpful if you have such paper lying around in this quarantine, of course!)
-print onto paper, then tape the fabric onto the design and trace(my choice, as seen in the pics below)

Now if you decide to trace it on the computer, you can just tape the chosen fabric(that's thin enough to see the design through) onto your computer screen and trace the design, an excellent choice if you don't have access to a printer. Once traced I also recommend backing the fabric with a plain cotton, throw it in the hoop, and you're good to go :)

The important thing is to use fabric you can see through. It doesn't have to be translucent, but you should get at least the main outlines, and then you could fill in the details after. It's loose here, we're just having fun! :)

For this design I thought it would look nice on one of my grandma's old handkerchiefs, which is quite translucent by now :)  I also cut some fabric for backing.
I printed the design in the size it is, but you can make it as large or small as you'd like.
Its original size requires a 7" or 8" hoop. I didn't have any 7's so I went with the 8", and will stitch a little border, I think.
That's the cool thing about embroidery, the design isn't set in stone, you can change anything you want.
Now I like to use the plastic hoops while working as they tighten better, so tap the fabric to see if it's tight like a drum, that's what you want! (and you will have to keep tightening as you work, that's totally normal)
So here are some photos as I begin the process!

when cutting fabric for a hoop, make sure you leave plenty of room around! an inch is a healthy amount. 1.5" even better. eyeball it and trust your instincts!
so here is the hankie over the design, you can see that when the fabric is thin enough, you can see the whole design and it's easy to trace it. Now while thin fabrics are best when tracing designs, because the weave of the cloth is looser, i highly recommend using some backing fabric! it's gonna steady all of your stitches so you can stitch details easily, and it looks nice and clean.
you can see the difference between the photo above without the backing, the this photo of the hankie with the backing.
i also recommend adding some tape to hold the fabric in place as you trace. you'll get a feel as you go. i use my hands to hold the fabric down too, you'll see further down that i made little mistakes tracing my own drawing, but those can be fixed while stitching! no worries!
you can see when i put it in the 8" hoop, that there is some space. you could either stitch a border, or extend the drawing. you really can't screw up branches, so don't be nervous about improvising in the drawing. you could even leave her cape blank and put your own designs in!  now the basket the head is in, that i purposely left blank because i want to do a tutorial on my basketweave stitch :) it's very easy! and i think it adds a nice pop of texture to embroideries.
so here it is in the plastic working hoop, ready to go.

 For those of you who do stitch this, please feel free to ask questions if you have them!
And I'd absolutely love to see your work :) Please send me pics!
Love you all!!
xoxoxoxo Alaina

Friday, March 27, 2020

new favorite artist alert! absolutely in love with this cut-out.
FRIGGIN OBSESSED WITH THIS DOG! you bet your sweet bippy i followed!
absolute unit
the face of the quarantined hahahaha
puffy from snacks and not enough activity, desperate for socialization, spent most of my day dealing with financial drama with paypal and my bank, as i'm sure many people are dealing with right now!
i just wanna go do something and be around people and see my loved onessssssss
i got dressed to go to the bank, it's just drive up teller now, even the teller wanted to chat. she was very nice. peeps is lone-lay :( i am too :(

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

i can smell the watery chocolate milk from here
with all my heart i wish this was a real movie
you can rent Emma on amazon now, do it! it's so good!!! (but make sure you have someone to hold hands with and put your head on their shoulder)(it's very romantic)
the smell of a friday night in suburbia

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

sale incoming
i was going to postpone this sale until things were settled, but i had a couple unexpected financial things pop up this week and now i'm broke. but even if i only sell a couple it'll take care of my bills and i'll be very happy!

Monday, March 23, 2020

nice and wholesome

i can't lie i wanna be a mom
don't get me started on the dust that's arrived after only a few days, just look at all my cute friends
Townsends are the best youtube has to offer. i particularly love when he and his little daughter bake stuff. he's a good man.

i can't stop thinking about it.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

i don't want this quarantine to reinvigorate forgotten vices.
panorama doesn't quite show how the inlet is shaped, i sat on the tip(heh heh) where those rocks were, and there was a horsehoe of water and beach flanking each side, and then more rocks etc jutting out. one of my favorite spots :)

i just HAD TO get out the house, the beach was a great bet. fairly empty save for a few older locals who kept respectful distances, and i got the prime seat right at the tip of anchor beach(which is usually impossible! it's a tiny little inlet and it's very popular for hanging out on account of the views).
was just what i needed. would have loved to stop for a coffee on the way home but, well, it's best to just head home :/