Monday, June 22, 2020

smokin meats on Father's Day
 i don't know if anyone cares about my Animal Crossing Island Babies updates but um, i'm gonna post em anyway c:
OMG. LILY OF THE VALLEY SPOTTED. the rarest of flowers. :O
pink hyacinths!
5 star rating twu(that's what's up)!!!!
my girl Celia living her best life.
true K.K. Slider fans. that was my Midsommar outfit btw.
bff Ribbot lookin swole as heck.
Julian summons me
walked in on these cuties enjoying ice creams together. this is what friendship looks like folks.
uzort a mangia lige! (i think that's how you spell it. my grandma used to say that. the big fish eats the little fish haha)
i love when the game has me fill out answers and then the characters bring it up later on. heck yeah i like new jack swing girl! cue some early keith sweat.
my favorite part about Pietro is that he'll go from happy like this to frowning the next moment. he also has a tear under one eye. he's such a Pagliacci. i wish you could hug on this game, i'd hug him all the time.
she's a particular fave. she sings death metal too and then complains about losing her voice. we stan Felicity.

autumn coffee date

i limit my time on Kokomeaux, but it's easy to get sucked into a fun world like this.
i try to think now, okay i've made this digital world so cool, how can i improve my physical world now?
trying to play the game in real life, if you will.
for starters i definitely need some white jeans.