Friday, July 31, 2020

Working on the beaded curtain for the adults only section. 

Thursday, July 30, 2020

today was the big summer update part 2 on animal crossing new horizons, the biggest addition being the Dream Suite!
basically you upload your island as a dream to the nintendo server, and you get a code, and whoever has the code can access it as a dream, and it doesn't affect your living island.
and you can visit other islands. i visited a few today, but i confess it's a bit draining!
particularly the excessive terraforming. there's just no need to do that much hahahaha i kept getting lost!
i dunno, i like my orderly and chill island. Kokomeaux ain't showin' off, she's there to make her villagers happy.
i ended up redoing a large section this evening cuz it wasn't symmetrical (virgos and animal crossing eh?), and now it's all empty, i won't upload it to the dream world til it's finished, for now, my older version is up, here:
also hi i love Luna so much
okay so here are some screenshots i took from other islands!

kk_bubblegun's island was my absolute FAVORITE
of all of the villagers i met today this cutie hippo here was my favorite, and i want her on my island now.
this guy put gigantic crabs all over his island.
 octavian's a pretty cool dude with a totally rad house
these friggin crabs
if anyone has the recipe for that book nook up there please please let me know, happy to trade! i also desperately need some sort of bench, any kind, and the tree log couch <3
i get major Missy Elliott vibes from Charlise so naturally i want her on my island now.
someone turned their basement into a shop
that building in the back is made from various other things, isn't that clever? i see pipe organs, silos, a lighthouse, panels...darn clever.

this island had a Dunkin hahahaha
i made the cuties take pics with me, the rude ones, no.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

after a day of embroidering
she's spittin straight FACTS
yeah we're just gonna skip over "i miss you"

my favorite sundog
my lil cuties, i thought it best to hide their faces online, then i was like well it looks weird if mine's the only one. it was strange being in a restaurant again! i guess i have to quarantine now that i'm back in ct :/

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

i just paid off my final hospital bill!

animal crossing girls are wholesome and caring and supercute, we aren't online flirting with dudes while you're sleeping we're building nice aesthetic yards for ducks and bunnies and wishing on stars on a pier with an owl.

this meme was made for my middle brother
maybe i'll get a shih tzu next :3 look how cute!!

i'm deceased
i wanna see this jolene. what kinda woman would make Dolly feel threatened, right???
Krusher's a dime