Wednesday, August 26, 2020

acnh photo dump!

the queen bitches of kokomeaux. winged liner game on point. 

i decorated my house for my birthday, and designed a birthday dress, which i'm wearing in this pic. 


Here I am at the Able Sisters shop showing off the clothes i designed :)
received yuka's photo, a feat as her personality type is "snooty".
i saw this on the bulletin board and darn near cried. nobody in real life cares about my birthday, i dunno, this game just hits me sometimes.
got some trouble makers in the plaza

snoopin' on my neighbors..
Sprinkle moved in the other day, her house is AMAZING. i stumbled on her on a mystery island btw, i don't do amiibo cards and all that.
it was Nan's birthday on the 24th, she's the little black goat. i'm so stoked she moved in right before spooky season. my gothic cutie patootie.
Luna looks tough and sassy but she's a gentle ethereal godmother of dreams.
everybody needs a Felicity on their island.

the foolery i witness on this island...(i love it)

having fun stitching these small embroideries lately. this one is about 3" total, so each figure is about an inch each.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

 i'm just gonna put on my big girl pants and try to figure this new format out. 

been working on this bigger embroidery since my last sale(these bigger ones take months to complete, how the heck could i ever price them? just gonna keep them all i guess lolz):

then i worked on some tinies, they're satisfying because most are finished in 1-3 days and i don't get emotionally attached to them so out the door they go. 

this one i might turn into a larger version

 i forgot i have my free pattern on here for my embroidery account followers *face slap*

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

they changed the format on blogger so drastically that i feel completely disconnected from this blog now. 

prob time to delete it for good.

Monday, August 17, 2020

Monday, August 10, 2020

saddest looking "barbecue" i've ever seen. typical brooklyn bullshit if ya ask me. now that's an eminence front right there.

 blogger changed its interface and now i don't know how to do anything and i hate it. 

also they won't let me add captions to pictures anymore. or i just can't figure that feature out yet. why change things that don't need to be fixed, blogger?? 

also i got a big asian sesame salad at the market today and did not know there were giant chunks of onion in it cuz it was the same size and appearance as the chopped cabbage and now i can't get the taste out of my mouth. horrible ending to a pretty good lunch. 

other than that i'm pretty happy and haven't had much to say on here.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

okay so, those that don't play Animal Crossing don't know that there really aren't that many achievements in the game, you want a 5 star island, and you want your house as big as possible and paid off, and you want your villager's photos.
receiving a framed photo from a villager is the highest level of friendship you can attain, it's a BIG DEAL okay. and for 3 months now i haven't received a single photo!
but today i got TWO!
first, from my sweet prince Pietro, and the second from my og cutie patootie Skye.
it may not be much in the real world grand scheme of things i know, but for today, it's made me happy. and i think that's why people went so hard for the release of this game during quarantine. cuz in scary uncertain times like these, any little bit of happiness helps.
so yes, i recommend this game to everybody. i personally love that you don't have to play it that much, as i'm a busy gal, so i play a little in the am and a little before bed(unless there's a big seasonal release like the swimming and fireworks).
here are some more pix to perhaps entice you to play the game too. :)
Kokomeaux's resident party girl
i like visiting the other islands and meeting other villagers. this one was a super duper cutie.
got some sassy bitches on this isle

Pietro worked them hips for nothin!
i can hear Macintosh Plus in the background....

Luna just gets me
Ketchup the duck!

absolute king
the soft glow of buttocks in the moonlight
i met Sprinkles! look at that winged eyeliner, what a queen.
pool crashin'
this cat, man.
can't stop wearing this pink cowgirl outfit. it just feels RIGHT.
a blessing from our patron saint Cowboy Kermie