Wednesday, August 26, 2020

acnh photo dump!

the queen bitches of kokomeaux. winged liner game on point. 

i decorated my house for my birthday, and designed a birthday dress, which i'm wearing in this pic. 


Here I am at the Able Sisters shop showing off the clothes i designed :)
received yuka's photo, a feat as her personality type is "snooty".
i saw this on the bulletin board and darn near cried. nobody in real life cares about my birthday, i dunno, this game just hits me sometimes.
got some trouble makers in the plaza

snoopin' on my neighbors..
Sprinkle moved in the other day, her house is AMAZING. i stumbled on her on a mystery island btw, i don't do amiibo cards and all that.
it was Nan's birthday on the 24th, she's the little black goat. i'm so stoked she moved in right before spooky season. my gothic cutie patootie.
Luna looks tough and sassy but she's a gentle ethereal godmother of dreams.
everybody needs a Felicity on their island.

the foolery i witness on this island...(i love it)