Friday, August 28, 2020

 welp, yesterday started out great, spent the morning and early afternoon in mystic village with my mom, thought i'd relax before the family dinner downtown and cake afterwards, but then at 4pm we had a tornado come out of nowhere through my town and a couple other surrounding towns! 

we lost power until the middle of the night, and the worst part was that there was no warning, so no one was prepared. my phone died early into it, when i finally could charge it i was met with lots of worried texts, so i spent all of this morning answering them! and thank God there was no damage here, just a broken glass ball in the yard(yaknow the solar balls that glow at night), but i have friends who had terrible damage. i'm just glad everyone's safe and the power's back on.

birthday festivities were postponed, tonight they'll resume. but honestly i don't much care for my birthday i just wanna eat my mom's homemade carrot cake! :D