Tuesday, September 15, 2020

 my hotel room is really cute, it's an old motel from the 50s but they've updated while still keeping the cottage charm. i'm amazed at how built up the cape has gotten since i was last here. i'm relieved a lot of my favorite places haven't closed shop. 

i'm in love with the old houses along 6A. old new england is very special and if you've never been you really must experience it. provided you like history and spooky stuff. it's atmospheric. it holds energy. i feel more at home among these haunted sand dunes than i do back in southern connecticut. i don't want to go home! i would be very happy settling down here. a gal can dream. 

i bought a mug with painted shrimps all over it. and cape cod coffee. and a big box of taffy, with all my favorite flavors :) 

about to go to dinner, then maybe pick up a coffee and sit at the beach. :) i love the beach at night. i love it here.