Saturday, September 12, 2020

 my mom shared some photos with me yesterday of  my family that i've never seen before. 

most of them have passed, and i miss them.

 my grandma varrone and cousin julie

that's my dad on the far right there

that's my ma on the far right, she was pregnant with me. i like her hair like that! she always had it short when i came around. 

my two big brothers. i absolutely love this pic. zed still makes that face. he's a chooch. 

i never met my grandpa varrone, he died right before i was born, so it's wild to me seeing photos of him because my dad looks JUST LIKE HIM NOW. 

my pretty grandma in the middle. she's the bloodline from moravia. she was petite and blonde. 

my brothers and my cousins :) i'm the wild one in the middle wearing my popsicle. i just realized, zed and sarah on the ends are both aquarians, and john and julie on my sides are both leos. lil virgo in the middle :3

my angels :)