Thursday, January 14, 2021

i got my first fleetwood mac album when i was 13, been a fan since 1995. goodness.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

my grandma :)
my great grandma :) (and my grandpa is the tall skinny one next to great-grandpa)

Today my mom gave me my grandma’s wedding ring, which was my great grandma’s wedding ring 😊

I miss her a lot and I feel closer to her now. 

Monday, January 11, 2021

mic drop

 Another hanging rock started while listening to toxic by the Chapin sisters. Let’s keep this vibe goin πŸ’ͺ



Holy Mountain one coming up too.

“Slow Motion” is the best Color Me Badd song don’t @ me

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Anyone else think they were banging off-camera? 

I mean look at that body language πŸ‘€

 Here’s hoping the reflections on his mask don’t kill meπŸ˜…

well hello

 the only time i've ever been to disney world was 1988, i was 5 years old, and i barely remember it. 

i have family who seem to go once every year or so, and then show me all the pictures and magazines, and then i saw that special where they decorate the park for christmas and i was like, yaknow, i wanna go!

a lot's changed since 1988! so i asked my mom if she would like to go with me in spring of 2022 and she got all excited and is already looking stuff up. plus it'll be right before her 70th birthday, so i think i might plan a special birthday dinner there for her shhh! beauty and the beast castle maybe :)  shhh don't tell!

my december charleston trip was cancelled and it was a bummer and all this shit going on, it's so hard to keep your head up yaknow? i need to have something to look forward to or i just end up going through the motions day after day. 

anyways i'm heavily leaning towards the low country french quarter area to sleep in :) 


 We’re all out here following travel pages πŸ˜‚

Budapest in winter....big sighs and heart eyes...

 it's a vibe and i'm in it.

 Picnic at Hanging Rock 

Saturday, January 9, 2021

this kinda stuff is always so fascinating.
remember that episode of Reading Rainbow when the museum brought the egyptian mummy's face to life?

watching some old tv movie and cracking up cuz i had this exact same outfit back in the 90s. 

i think i got it in the mall, at that store contempo casuals. i don't know if anyone remembers that store. lotta babydoll dresses and ruffle tops on those walls. chokers and opaque tights. my mom was just strict about me showing midriff or anything too tight or revealing, but i was shy back then anyway(though we did have some words over tiny tees)(a trend i never got to partake in, THANKS MOM)(that was sarcasm btw)

and real talk, i'd wear it now. granted i wouldn't pair it with combat boots and a choker these days. nothing worse than looking like you're stuck in your youth, am i right?

Friday, January 8, 2021

  was just thinking i'd like both of these outfits, and totally forgot i already own a leopard print beret.

the story behind the writing of this novel(that became this movie) was absolutely fascinating.according to the writer joan lindsay, she had a series of vivid dreams over several nights, and would write in a feverish hurry each following day. the dreams felt real to her. those closest to her said she had abilities, could see things in the australian bush, but would hide her abilities from most of the world. a channeled book if you will.
and watching the movie certainly does take you into a warm summer wormhole, doesn't it? i myself can smell the starched linen and feel the sun on my face and the heat prickling my skin, hear the bugs around the mountain and feel the pregnant silence of the rocks.
watches stop working around the hanging rock too, did you know that? it's quite a mysterious place to experience.
i absolutely adore this victorian gothic treasure. i saw they made a remake but just from looking at the stills i see they screwed up. the original one was filmed with various bridal veils over the camera to create that hazy atmospheric look. the lace filters were vital to the mood. this was a passion project, this was a piece of art.
it is my firm belief that the majority of passionate and talented artists are channelers, none of them create alone. you can very much differentiate between craftsman and artists. i think most artists have abilities they either aren't aware of or don't speak of.

one of my favorite artists is having a limited print run next wednesday, maybe you like him too? 


this is one of my absolute favorites of his, cuz i'm a tenderoni who loves romance i can't help it!!!

Can’t stop thinking about this big boy. 


Thursday, January 7, 2021

i'm tired of fast food art. we're due for a new renaissance.

 Never thought to use my watercolor markers for an embroidery, but I wanted to do a Picnic at Hanging Rock one and it just seemed right.