Sunday, January 10, 2021

 the only time i've ever been to disney world was 1988, i was 5 years old, and i barely remember it. 

i have family who seem to go once every year or so, and then show me all the pictures and magazines, and then i saw that special where they decorate the park for christmas and i was like, yaknow, i wanna go!

a lot's changed since 1988! so i asked my mom if she would like to go with me in spring of 2022 and she got all excited and is already looking stuff up. plus it'll be right before her 70th birthday, so i think i might plan a special birthday dinner there for her shhh! beauty and the beast castle maybe :)  shhh don't tell!

my december charleston trip was cancelled and it was a bummer and all this shit going on, it's so hard to keep your head up yaknow? i need to have something to look forward to or i just end up going through the motions day after day. 

anyways i'm heavily leaning towards the low country french quarter area to sleep in :)