Friday, April 16, 2021

 i told myself i'd only use some of my stimmy, and that would go towards my art/business, and ideas i've had brewing but just didn't have the extra income to invest in. 

well your girl just got the new apple pencil today, and in the coming weeks i'll be shopping around for an embroidery machine that can do custom designs. i'm very excited! 

and that's all i'm gonna share about these new things i'm working on cuz it's bad luck to talk about ideas! it's because the part of your brain that lights up when you accomplish a goal also lights up just from talking about it, and then you lose the ambition to get it going!

so yeah, ain't heard nothin' from me! 

 i would very much like to rent a little cottage on the portuguese coast, take daily walks to the ocean, take the train into lisbon and go to the museums, and just make a lot of art and eat a lot of good food.

i would also like to do this in italy hahahaha sicilia specifically. 

it's already decided that lemon trees will be planted in florida.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

 Screwed up the drawing a little 😁

Party Man keeps running through my head! Prince right? 😂

Miss Argentina 

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

 i desperately need to have some fun, so i'm going to stay at my aunt's new house up in new hampshire next week!

gonna see my family, see the coast, we're even taking a little day trip to this bomb dollhouse store, grabbing lunch and all that while we're out there. i'm really excited! she even has a new hot tub so i'm bringing my swimsuit haha


don't worry folks, animal crossing did not forget the sanrio buttholes.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

 My animal crossing Sanrio amiibo are here!!!😆

i had no idea it takes 3 days to get a villager in....Marty come home!...

 Added these sections finally! Have to make the rest of the cult films. Waiting on an ink delivery. 

Monday, April 12, 2021

Sunday, April 11, 2021


have been watching this on's a lot to take in to be honest. 

i was never one of those folk who could laugh watching Grey Gardens, that shit was so deep down sad to me, right to the marrow man. so i could only watch it once and that was that. 

i don't know why i felt compelled to watch That Summer, it's making me just as sad. but it's nice to see how human and kind Lee Radziwill was. 

i think the Beales hit a little different for me because my family had our own Edie, and when he died my brothers and i completely cleaned out his 4 story old house that was our grandparents home. it stayed the same as it had always been, it was a decaying broken down museum around him. he didn't even empty my grandmothers clothes from the bureaus and closets. it was heartbreaking, but in a beautiful way i have so many lovely things of my grandma's because he refused to throw anything out. 

so the Grey Gardens story always hits me, it's hard to see that level of mental illness, and people criticize their family for "allowing" it, but you've seen how stubborn they are. that was just like our Edie. you could only do so much. people like that do not want help, they are a level of delusion you and i can't understand. and if you play your cards wrong you risk never speaking to them again. it's a very difficult situation for everyone. 

emptying that house was cathartic for all of us, but hardest on my dad. often we would leave him to just sit in a chair and look at all of these old memories, and my brother and i would go and scrub somewhere else. 

i should probably stop watching this movie. gotta start the sunday dinner.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

 My friend suggested I add a Cult section to my mini video store, and this is the list of vhs sleeves I need to find and print to make the tapes. 😅

I have a couple! But this section may rival the Comedy one! 

I just combed through a bunch of websites for lists, and Wikipedia was nicely compiled too. These are only ones I actually have seen/like! (That’s my rule in the shop, if I haven’t seen it it doesn’t go in). 

Friday, April 9, 2021

 Seasonal allergies got me like 

i call this post "things i really wanted to buy at target today but didn't". 

cream blush shaped like a rose!!!! i was so close to popping "crown" in the cart, but then i thought, "oh it's too pretty i'll be afraid to use it!"

 i don't even have a place to put these right now. maybe when i'm in florida.

 i think "excessivity" should be a "real" word. 

the act of being excessive, we don't have a word for that! silly english.

i sometimes have expensive taste. if they made a budget version of this i'd be just as happy though.

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

me not being able to sleep cuz i got sucked into watching internet drama unfolding via kiwi farms. 

the gunt gauntlet nearly sent me.

first of all, how dare you.

Lifting 4 the Lord