Tuesday, April 6, 2021

so the may Country Living knocked it out of the park...

vintage 50s florals everywhere, please.
look at those chairs! i have a love seat in storage the same color, i don't know when it's from, i found it at salvation army many years ago. it also has floral tapestry trim :)
the little blue house on the top is too dreamy but holy crap i had no idea little rock was so overpriced!
look at that white shed on the bottom. imagine an art studio in there in your backyard! and all wildflowers growing around it, a stone path....bout to get lost in a fantasy over here!

friggin love navy paint with brass. open shelving is just dust city though, don't do it folks! imagine your glassware coated in dust every friggin morning. you clean it, it's all dusty days later. don't do it!

this whole month's issue was made for me i swear. thanks country living!

when i was little my mom would get us different antique pretty teacups and tea pots and we'd have tea parties with all my teddy bears, and over the years she'd surprise me with new ones. so now i have a pretty sweet collection :)
porch porn